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Dxcover Presents Data on Benefits of Spectroscopic Liquid Biopsy at ASCO

Dxcover test could have a significant impact on early detection of cancer, vital for improved survival and quality of life

Chicago, Illinois, June 3, 2022

Dxcover Limited, a clinical stage diagnostics company developing spectroscopic liquid biopsy technology for early detection of multiple cancers, today presented new data from a large-scale study on multi-cancer detection at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Presented by Dr. Matthew Baker, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dxcover, the results showcase the need for an effective test that accurately identifies patients with non-specific symptoms who have cancer in its earliest stages, while it is still treatable. Dxcover has pioneered the early detection and identification of cancer by employing infrared spectroscopy of circulating pan-omic biomarkers. Its platform combines novel hardware with artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze a patient’s blood and detect the presence or absence of disease.

The study, which recruited 2,094 patients, set out to distinguish cancer from non-cancer, as well as differentiate organ specific detection from other forms of cancer including brain, breast, colorectal, kidney, lung, ovary, pancreas, and prostate. Results from the research, which applied the Dxcover Cancer Liquid Biopsy, proved the importance and impact of early cancer detection. At a 99% specificity the model achieved 64% sensitivity for stage I cancers. For overall cancer classification, the model achieved 90% sensitivity and 61% specificity when tuned for sensitivity. Detection rates were 93% for stage I, 84% for stage II, 92% for stage III and 95% for stage IV.

“Our mission is to lead the way in liquid biopsy detection of cancers to improve survival and overall quality of life. We have successfully completed two groundbreaking studies on earlier diagnosis of brain cancer using the Dxcover platform, and today’s study demonstrates its ability to detect multiple cancers at their earliest stages, which we know is critical in providing the necessary care and treatment while it can be most impactful to patient outcomes,” said Dr. Matthew Baker, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dxcover.

Additionally, Dxcover released results from its proof-of-concept study investigating the use of Dxcover’s liquid biopsy as a novel approach for pancreatic cancer, the 7th most deadly cancer worldwide. The study focused on the discrimination between both cancer and control samples, and cancer and symptomatic non-malignant control samples.

Results showed that the two groups were significantly distinguished, achieving up to a sensitivity of 91.0%, specificity of 87.6% and accuracy of 89.3% with PLS-DA, underscoring that early-stage detection of pancreatic cancer would be key in improving prognosis and survival rates of patients in combination with targeted earlier surgery and treatments.

About Dxcover Limited

Dxcover is a clinical stage liquid biopsy company developing tests for the early detection of multiple cancers, when treatment has a better chance to impact outcomes. The company has pioneered the early detection and identification of cancer employing infrared spectroscopy of circulating pan-omic biomarkers. The company has generated compelling clinical data with high accuracy detection of Stage I and Stage II cancers. Dxcover is based in Scotland, United Kingdom and is establishing operations in the USA.

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