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Dxcover to release new data on early detection liquid biopsy for multiple cancer types at 2022 ASCO

Scotland, UK., May 19, 2022

Dxcover Limited, a clinical stage diagnostics company developing its spectroscopic biopsy technology for early detection of multiple cancers, today announced that it will be presenting new data at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago, June 3-7.

Dxcover has pioneered the early detection and identification of cancer by employing infrared spectroscopy of circulating non-genetic biomarkers. The company has completed two groundbreaking studies on earlier diagnosis of brain cancer and is currently developing its platform for the detection of commonly occurring cancers.

“While we know that earlier detection of cancer, when the patient’s tumor is small, results in significantly higher survival rates compared to late-stage diagnosis, the liquid biopsy tests currently used have limited ability to detect and identify early cancers and there are no effective first-line screening options for the early detection of many solid tumors,” said Dr. Matthew J. Baker, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Dxcover. “Dxcover was founded precisely to solve the problem of shortening the time to cancer diagnosis and enable people to live better, longer lives and we look forward to sharing the results of our multicancer early detection study at ASCO.”

In addition, Dxcover will also be releasing data for publication only during ASCO from its proof-of-concept study which investigates the use of the Dxcover cancer liquid biopsy as a novel approach for pancreatic cancer and detection of multiple cancers.

Details of the sessions are as follows: Title: Multicancer early detection with a spectroscopic liquid biopsy platform. Session Title/Track: Developmental Therapeutics – Molecularly Targeted Agents and Tumor Biology Session Type: Poster Discussion Session

Title: Machine learning based detection of pancreatic tumors using the Dxcover cancer platform. Session Title/Track: Gastrointestinal Cancer—Gastroesophageal, Pancreatic, and Hepatobiliary Session Type: Publication Only


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