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May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Timely Focus on Brain Cancer Early Detection

May 29, 2024

GLASGOW, Scotland--Dxcover Limited, a clinical-stage diagnostics company pioneering its multi-omic spectral analysis (MOSA) for early detection of solid tumor cancers is continuing to build its body of evidence in one of the most deadly and difficult to detect in early stage tumors: brain cancer. The Dxcover® Brain Cancer Liquid Biopsy is a simple blood test combined with artificial intelligence that can rapidly fast-track patients suspected to have a brain tumor for further treatment.

Recently, Founder & CEO Professor Matthew J. Baker served as a featured panelist and co-host at the recent Brain Tumour Charity roundtable discussion in Scotland with relevant stakeholders including General Practitioners, NHS representatives, researchers and representatives from the Chief Scientist’s Office, to understand the current barriers to a brain tumor diagnosis and how referral pathways can be improved. This important project led by The Brain Tumour Charity (UK) and Dxcover occurred in February to ensure that policymakers understand the barriers to brain tumor diagnosis and the need to improve current diagnostic pathways.

The Brain Tumour Charity and Dxcover will continue to work with NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government to ensure that people with a suspected brain tumour are prioritised and that the pathway to diagnosis is improved for patient benefit.

Professor Baker said, "Dxcover was founded to enable the earliest detection of cancer. We believe that the combination of Dxcover’s multi-omic spectral analysis and machine learning will lead to the greatest impact on patient recovery, lifespan and quality of life post-diagnosis. We have recently launched our EMBRACE study, our UK and pan-Europe 2,200 patient performance evaluation of the Dxcover® Brain Cancer Liquid Biopsy which will enable CE marking and provide a much-needed tool for patients."

Professor Baker also served on an expert roundtable discussion on May 14th in Westminster, London hosted by the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission. The event gathered brain cancer industry and patient advocates to tackle crucial challenges in brain cancer research and discuss new UK government initiatives to accelerate progress in treatments and patient care for all ages.

About Dxcover Limited

The Dxcover PANAROMIC platform utilizes a revolutionary approach called multi-omic spectral analysis to detect cancer earlier. This technology goes beyond traditional methods by analyzing signals missed by current cell-free DNA testing. Dxcover's PANAROMIC platform has achieved impressive results, including 99% specificity for early-stage tumors and validation in over 3,000 patient samples across various cancers. This versatile platform can be adapted for high sensitivity (ruling out cancer) or high specificity (ruling in cancer), making it a valuable tool for clinicians. Additionally, Dxcover's platform is patented in the US, EU, and China, solidifying its position as a game-changer in democratizing cancer care.

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