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Dxcover To Present at BIOTECH SHOWCASE™ 2024

Prof.  Matthew Baker to present data on detection of early-stage tumors across multiple cancers.


Glasgow, Scotland, December 20, 2023 –  

Dxcover Limited, a clinical-stage diagnostics company pioneering Multi-Omic Spectral Analysis for early detection of multiple cancers, today announced that Founder and newly announced CEO Matthew Baker, PhD, will be presenting at Biotech Showcase 2024. Prof. Baker will be presenting data from the company’s clinical studies in early detection of solid tumors.


Dxcover’s novel platform utilizes infrared spectroscopy and AI algorithms to provide Multi-Omic Spectral Analysis (MOSA) of blood serum. The company’s recently released data showed its algorithms could accurately detect stage I-IV cancer of multiple solid tumors and was published in the British Journal of Cancer and earned first prize as a poster in the Innovative Diagnostic Tools category at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2023.

The company is currently advancing its test for brain cancer through multi-center European studies to obtain IVDR approval and embarking on a major prospective study in colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma early detection.


“Dxcover was founded to enable the earliest detection of cancer and we are thrilled to present at Biotech Showcase and share our science with potential collaborators, partners and investors,” said Prof. Baker. “We believe that the combination of Dxcover’s multi-omic spectral analysis and machine learning will lead to the greatest impact on patient recovery, lifespan and quality of life post diagnosis.”

Biotech Showcase, produced by Demy-Colton and EBD Group, is an investor conference focused on driving advances in therapeutics development by providing a sophisticated networking platform for executives and investors that fosters investment and partnership opportunities. The conferences take place each year in San Francisco during the course of one of the industry’s largest gatherings and busiest weeks.

“We are delighted that Dxcover will be joining us in San Francisco and presenting at Biotech Showcase this year,” said Sara Demy, CEO of Demy-Colton. “Biotech Showcase is a prime opportunity for life sciences entrepreneurs and investors to come together to discover the potential of innovative and technology that will drive the future of medicine.”


About Dxcover Limited

Dxcover is a clinical stage liquid biopsy company that has pioneered Multi-Omic Spectral Analysis (MOSA-Dx) via their PANAROMIC™ Dxcover® Platform for early detection of cancer & pre-cancer from a simple blood sample. The platform uses infrared spectroscopy with AI algorithms to detect the presence or absence of disease. Having initially proven the technology in the detection of brain cancer, the company expanded to eight cancers in 2022 and demonstrated high accuracy detection of Stage I and Stage II tumors. A multi-centre trial of Dxcover® Brain Cancer is underway in Europe, and the company is also advancing the Dxcover® Colorectal Cancer test, where they have shown excellent sensitivity for pre-cancerous adenoma, to tackle one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Dxcover is based in Scotland, United Kingdom and will incorporate in the USA in 2024.


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