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Dxcover to Present its Colorectal Cancer and Advanced Adenoma Study at AACR 2024

Dxcover invited to present its CREATE-2 clinical trial for the early detection of colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2024 in San Diego CA April 10.

The CREATE-1 study demonstrated at 90% specificity the Dxcover test successfully detected 83% stage I colorectal cancer with 59% of advanced adenoma patients accurately identified.

GLASGOW UK April 4, 2024 -- Dxcover Limited, a clinical-stage diagnostics company pioneering multi-omic spectral analysis (MOSA) for early detection of multiple cancers, will present an abstract on its CREATE-2 Colorectal Cancer & Adenoma Test Evaluation of a Multi-Omic Blood Test at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in San Diego CA on Wednesday, April 10 at 9:00am PT. 


The CREATE-2 trial evaluates diagnostic accuracy for colorectal cancer and high-risk adenoma in patients undergoing a colonoscopy. The prospective observational study has two recruitment pathways, one in the US (targeting 1000 patients) and one in the UK (targeting 700 patients). CREATE-2 intends to validate the previous feasibility study results from CREATE-1 which showed Dxcover’s ability to achieve accurate detection of pre-cancerous lesions and stage 1 colorectal cancer. 


“Our mission is to detect cancers and pre-cancer early to improve survival and quality of life for patients. This study demonstrates our ability to detect advanced colorectal neoplasia at its earliest stages with high accuracy which we know is critical to provide the necessary care and treatment when it can be most impactful to patient outcomes.” said Prof. Matthew J. Baker, CEO at Dxcover.


The Dxcover Cancer Liquid Biopsy test uses infrared spectroscopy and machine learning algorithms to detect cancer and can be fine-tuned to maximize either sensitivity or specificity depending on the requirements of specific disease pathway.  Dxcover’s Multi-Omic Spectral Analysis (MOSA-Dx™) enables analysis the full complement of signals within the blood to provide early detection of cancer.

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AACR 2024 Abstract 7294:

CREATE-2 Colorectal cancer & adenoma test evaluation of a multi-omic blood test 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 9:00am – 12:30pm PT Poster Section 30

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego CA

About Dxcover Limited

Dxcover is a clinical stage liquid biopsy company pioneering Multi-Omic Spectral Analysis (MOSA-Dx) via our PANAROMIC™ Dxcover® Platform for early detection of cancer and pre-cancer from a simple blood sample. The platform uses infrared spectroscopy with AI algorithms to detect the presence or absence of disease. Having initially proven the technology in the detection of brain cancer, the company expanded to eight cancers in 2022 and demonstrated high accuracy detection of Stage I and Stage II tumors. A multi-center trial of Dxcover® Brain Cancer is underway in Europe, and the company is also advancing the Dxcover® Colorectal Cancer test, where they have shown excellent sensitivity for pre-cancerous adenoma, to tackle one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Dxcover is based in Scotland, United Kingdom and will incorporate in the USA in 2024.



Contact:       Stacy Chick


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