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Evidence of ClinSpec Dx health economic benefit published in British Medical Journal OA

An early health economic assessment of a spectroscopic blood test for the early detection of brain tumours conducted by members of the ClinSpec Dx 'Clinical Focus Group' has been published today by the British Medical Journal open access journal.

The article titled "Health economic evaluation of a serum-based blood test for brain tumour diagnosis: exploration of two clinical scenarios" explores the uptake of the ClinSpec Dx blood test in the diagnostic pathway for brain tumours, specifically defining where the test will make the greatest impact of patient survival and quality of life, as well as a cost-effectiveness analysis. Based upon the full economic assessment conducted on behalf of ClinSpec Dx by Ewan Gray, of Health Improvement Scotland, this publication introduces evidence of the impact such a blood test may have on this field of medicine.

It marks a significant moment in the translation of infrared spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool, as the merit of such an approach has been acknowledged by the peer review process. ClinSpec Dx would like to thank each contributor to the paper, in particular, the instrumental and supportive clinical network who provided invaluable information and feedback on the manuscript.


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